Business Consulting

We provide a full suite of services for printing pros and beginners alike. We offer digital printing sales portfolios and sales kits, as well as consulting and speaking engagements. We’re excited about digital printing and we want to help you and your business become wildly successful!

Are you “Out of your mind” excited about what you can do with your printer-cutter? Do you still marvel at all the amazing things you can print, cut and produce? Are you still mesmerized by all the available media to print on, which leads to endless markets and offers us so many profitable business opportunities? Well, you should be, because if you or your staff has lost your sense of wonder, than it is time to understand that there has never been a more exciting time in our digital print & cut industry than right now! It has never been easier and more fun to go out there and show your customers over “100 WAYS” that we can print & cut their graphics to help them right now!

We can help you get your customers excited about print & cut by easily explaining print-cut with confidence. We can help to make selling fun and easy while speeding up the sales process!

How will people know what you can do if you don’t show them? Our Portfolio Sales Kits are designed to help businesses showcase the many ways in which they can print signs, banners, decals, stickers and more.

The real question, however, is “Are you able to instill the same enthusiasm in your customers?” What could you carry in your hand that would quickly explain what you do? What could spread the same amazement that you had the first time you realized how cool it was to print an oversized photo, create a colorful sign, decorate a vehicle or contour cut a 1000 labels? What do you sell with now? How do you explain to people what you do, how you do it and why they should work with you at the prices you recommend? Hopefully – you’ve got the most valuable tool – a Sales Portfolio!

If you are looking for ways to improve your print business Grant Graphics has produced an exciting Business Development DVD which explores the many possibilities that exist for digital printing and cutting.

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