Research & Development

We are one of the only suppliers in the country that have experience printing thousands of real jobs on the equipment we sell, service and support as well as utilizing all the available printable materials we distribute as well. Our knowledge of these materials and the understanding of their application is a multitude of any competitive warehouse or internet vendor.

We are constantly getting excited about all the things we can produce with our printer-cutters! We are mesmerized by all of the available media to print on which continues to lead us to endless markets. Day-to-day we test new print methods to help enhance our capabilities and share techniques with you.

We are able to test material in-house to push the limits of the media – applying it here, mounting it there, laminating it with this, etc. We want to make sure that the sky is the limit with your creative ideas!
Being able to test print with different combinations of ink & material is something we pride ourselves in. The combinations are endless and exciting! Last month we were able to print directly on hockey pucks with one of our very own printers!
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