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Valiani Omnia Digital Die Cutting System

Precio original $54,990.00 - Precio original $65,990.00
Precio original
$54,990.00 - $65,990.00
Precio actual $54,990.00
por Valiani
Moel: Omnia 80 (23.62 x 31.5)

Auto Feed Die Cutting Machine

Omnia has been designed to automatically feed and contour cut media. The operator can load material up to 60 cm x 80 cm in size. Omnia will feed media to the cutting arm using a suction system that lifts media from the feeder and drags it onto the conveyor. The feeder holds up to 500 sheets, depending on thickness. Once in position, the camera will detect crop marks and execute the cut file for the pre-printed graphics. The completed sheets drop into the catch tray.

The software can control multiple workflow options including cut files from various graphic design software, QR Code mode, and non-printed material. Omnia is perfect for die cutting cardstock projects including packaging, business card and kiss-cut. With its robust design, it can also process heavy material such as corrugated cardboard, chip board of thin plastic sheets.


The oversized feeder and suction system automatically loads the materials into the cutting machine. The automatic crop mark detection allows a hands-free cutting process and a status indicator will notify the operator that the feeder has dropped to the minimum quantity so It can be reloaded.


The QR Code feature improves workflow. The camera quickly detects the code, pules up the cut files into the software and executes each project, eliminating cut lists.


Average speed per sheet is calculated in 45 seconds when cutting A3+ sheet and a medium complexity package design.


  • Continuous sheet media loading and processing
  • High capacity Feeder
  • Perfect cutting & creasing on any material
  • Camera and software to ensure precise graphics alignment.
  • Simplified workflow
  • Brushless motor
  • Cutting up to 10mm


  • Packaging
  • Labels
  • Business Card
  • Leaflets
  • Street and Business Signage
  • Post press digital finishing