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DEMO - Valiani Invicta V150 Flatbed Cutting System

Original price $25,990.00 - Original price $25,990.00
Original price $25,990.00
$39,000.00 - $39,000.00
Current price $39,000.00
by Valiani
Model: Invicta V150 (40" x 60")

Invincible Versatility

Invicta is the breakthrough you have been waiting within the range of vacuum table cutting machines destined for the packaging & printing industry. It stands out for its great versatility and for its capability to meet any production need thanks to a vast array of tools and accessories. If you were thinking about purchasing a high-quality cutting machine at a very affordable price, this can only be your first choice.


Process with the utmost precision as many materials, thicknesses and shapes as you like: Invicta knows no bounds and no boundaries.


With the tool holder system, it is incredibly easy to switch from one tool to another, creating the perfect configuration for various cutting demands.

Precision, ease of use and endless creative possibilities

Invicta can be customized in different configurations depending on the tools chosen and can cut materials with thicknesses up to 5 mm, or 20 mm when using the oscillating knife. Its excellent mechanics and cutting-edge technology make Invicta one of the most solid, durable and reliable products on the market.

Thanks to its unparalleled ease of use, it only takes a few hours of training to make it your extraordinary ally.

Invicta reduces your manual work time by more than 50%, improving precision and giving space to your creativity. It is equipped with a vacuum table as well as a button clamps media holding system to guarantee perfect retention of the materials being processed.

Vacuum table

Invicta is equipped with a vacuum worktable, which offers higher reliability in holding the materials during the cutting process.