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Flagship model in pursuit of "new value"

330 Series: Print & Cut Eco-solvent inkjet printer

 "330 Series" is a flagship model that combines Mimaki Engineering's technological expertise accumulated over more than 20 years to deliver beautiful image quality, high productivity, and high value added functions that assist in saving work.

"CJV330 Series" is a mid- to high-end eco-solvent inkjet printer (print & cut) that has been added to the line-up to meet customer needs in addition to the entry-level 150 Series and standard 300 Series.
In addition to its impressive image quality and high productivity, the high value-added functions are mounted to assist customers in saving work and labor.


Product outlines

  • Realizing high graphics with high image quality and definition
  • Adaptable to work requiring quick delivery by a high printing speed
  • XY slitter capable of reducing post-process work by X-axis & Y-axis sheet-fed cut
  • Evolution of Usability: Media Changer, V-shape cut function, New maintenance mechanism
  • New conveyance mechanism ensures reliable long hour print operation
  • Mimaki Remote Access (MRA) enables wireless printer operations

1. Realization of sign graphics with high image quality and definition

A new drop technology “Mimaki Weaving Dot Technology” suppresses an impact on printing caused by the individual difference of the head and misalignment in stagger adjustment and optimize the order of firing, thereby realizing more accurate ink droplet placement.
This makes it possible to reproduce deep colors vividly without unevenness and realizes beautiful photo expressions.

"Deep Color Natural" is a new input profile that is pursuit for the ease of use to sign graphics industry.
It realizes the high reproducibility of colors in indoor-outdoor sign graphics, such as eye-catching and vivid solid colors, natural and smooth skin colors, deep red, and neutral gray.

2. Solution for job requiring quick delivery with the high printing speed

The high productivity of 21.0m²/h in the case of the standard mode using 4 colors and 13.2m²/h in the case of the standard mode using 8 colors are suitable to accomplish print job requiring quick delivery.
When outputting a 900 x 1800 mm sign (of PVC) using a high-speed mode of 30.0m²/h by 4 colors, the output of about 10 sheets/h is possible.

3. "XY slitter" capable of reducing post-process work by X-axis & Y-axis sheet-fed cutting

The highly precise cutting technology realizes in-line X-axis & Y-axis sheet-fed cutting.
The working space for post-print slitting becomes unnecessary for space-saving and enables efficient cut work and accommodates work requiring quick delivery to expand the range of your work.

4. Evolution of Usability

"Media changer" to which Max. three rolls of media are attachable to enhance your work efficiency

Setting three rolls of media at a maximum significantly saves labor for media replacement. Multiple media are attachable, and this creates a space-saving and efficient work environment.
Just lightly rotating a handle replaces the media, so anybody can use it easily.

V-shape cut function

By cutting the media into a V-shape with the new "V-shape cut function", a single point can be enough to tape the media when winding it around the paper core. The center of media can be accurately attached to the paper core to reduce human error and avoid media conveyance misalignment.
It can also save material by using a small part of the media and taping at one point.
At the touch of a button of printer, it is to be chosen between two methods: "V-shaped cut" or conventional cut.

New maintenance mechanism

The new maintenance mechanism applies a cloth wiper that increases the removal rate of unwanted ink droplets from the nozzle surface. Compared with conventional scraping rubber wipers, the new wiping system soaks up unwanted ink droplets, reducing ink splattering on the head station.
By reducing the frequency of maintenance around the head and cap, daily care becomes simple and the machine can always be maintained in optimal condition.

5. New conveyance mechanism ensures reliable long hour print operation

The drive motor of the take-up unit is attached to both the left and right sides, which distributes the load on the paper tube and improves the take-up accuracy. Winding accuracy is improved.
The take-up power has been improved and the mechanism has evolved to be less prone to meandering.

6. "Mimaki Remote Access (MRA)" enables wireless printer operation.

Enables you to check the status of your machine remotely from a smartphone* or PC. This allows you to operate the unit and the panel from a distance, making the work more efficient.
* Supports iPhone. Android to be supported later.