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Mimaki Flatbed Cutting Plotter - CF3 Series

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by Mimaki

Equipped with a newly developed router head to cut up to 50mm (2'')* in thickness.
Cuts a wide range of materials with high accuracy

Supports both small and large size media up to 1.6m x 3.1m (63" x 122"). Even difficult acrylic or aluminum composite panels can be cut with consistently high accuracy. User exchangeable cutting heads to suit a wide range of conditions widen your possibilities greatly.
Your Mimaki dealer or Mimaki sales office will advise you of the suitability of specific materials that you would like to cut.


CF3-1610M Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 1,000 mm (63.0 x 39.3")
CF3-1610R1 Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 1,000 mm (63.0 x 39.3")
CF3-1610TF2 Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 1,000 mm (63.0 x 39.3")
CF3-1631M Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 3,100 mm (63.0 x 122.0")
CF3-1631R1 Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 3,100 mm (63.0 x 122.0")
CF3-1631TF2 Effective cutting area: 1,600 x 3,100 mm (63.0 x 122.0")

M head (router)

CF3 Series

The M head is used exclusively for router cutting. With a high-speed spindle, rigid materials such as acrylic or aluminum composite panels can be cut easily, even up to 50mm in thickness.
The cut depth control function enables multiple cuts for especially thick materials.

Spindle speed: 60,000rpm
Tool chuck: collet type
Maximum tool diameter: 6mm (0.24")
Main materials: rigid materials such as acrylic and aluminum composite panels
Set tool: endmill

R1 head (reciprocating cutter)

Thick materials up to 20mm (0.78") can be cut with the reciprocating cutter. The R1 head is equipped with a material-holding unit, which prevents cut materials from lifting. The cutting head is suitable for cutting corrugated boards and foam materials.

CF3 Series

Maximum reciprocating speed: approximately 10,000 strokes/min
Stroke: 1mm *dependent on the cutter and holder used
Maximum cut depth: 20mm *dependent on the cutter and holder used
Main materials: cardboard, corrugated board, foam material
Set tool: swivel cutter/pen, reciprocating cutter, creasing tool and high-pressure tangential cutter

TF2 head (tangential cutter)

The tangential cutter steers the blades as it cuts. With two types of tangential cutters and fine cut pressure settings a wider range of materials can be cut successfully. Various cutting tools are provided for a range of materials. Any suitable blade available on the market, can be mounted.

CF3 Series

Vertical tool force: low-pressure head:300-1,500g
High-pressure head: 1,000-5,000g
Main materials: reflective sheet, rubber, industrial materials
Set tool: swivel cutter/pen, tangential cutter, creasing tool and high-pressure tangential cutter

CF3 Series

The CF3 series incorporates innovative state-of-the-art-technology

The CF3 series cuts printed materials with high accuracy to satisfy your needs and creativity. Mimaki's latest cutting technology provides versatile solutions for a wide range of cutting jobs.

Color photo sensor

The patented Mimaki color photo sensor on CF3, reads registration marks that are printed on the media to obtain more precision by automatic correction of alignment and distances.


By recognizing the difference between the color of the media and of the registration marks, the position of the registration marks is correctly detected regardless of the color of the media.

CF3 Series

Light pointer

The registeration marks can be located easily. The light pointer can also be used to precisely position the media on the bed.

4-point adjustment

By detecting 4 registration marks and adjusting alignment and distance, precise contour cutting of complex shapes is enhanced.

Media is firmly held by vacuum system

CF3 Series

The vacuum area is divided into zones, 6 for the CF3-1631 and 2 for the CF3-1610. The zones can be separately activated to suit the media size. The vacuum system also incorporates a blower function for easier positioning of heavy media.

Easily hold down different size materials
According to the size of the media a number of zones can be activated to optimize hold down for any size material.

The blower function enables easy handling of heavy materials.

The blower function (reversing the air stream) can be activated to easily position, replace and move heavy media.

Automatic cleaning of the table surface

Blowing away the dust is essential for the router to move smoothly. The automatic cleaning function selects the area to be cleaned from a total of 8 sections. This automatic feature not only enhances reliability but also saves post cutting labour costs.
* The automatic cleaning function only applies to the M head (router)