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Product Description

The JV400LX Series uses eco friendly, water-based latex inks that are fast-drying for immediate handling or secondary processing. This cooler-running model is more energy efficient yet still delivers breathtaking print quality. It features ecologically friendly orange and green ink – plus the world’s first white latex ink – to produce a wide range of applications.

JV400-130/160LX Go Beyond

  • Eco friendly, water-based latex inks
  • Green + orange inks expand the color gamut
  • World’s first white latex ink enables printing on metallic or transparent media
    • Mimaki Circulation Technology helps keep white pigments from settling
  • Variable dot printing produces smooth gradations
  • Three-way intelligent heater
  • Nozzle Recovery System
  • Two model widths: 54-inch (1361 mm) and 64-inch (1610 mm)

Highlights of the Mimaki JV400LX Series

Eco-friendly Water-based Ink

Latex ink can be used for outdoor and indoor applications. It can print on PVC film, banner material, backlit, bluebacked paper and more, and is indispensable for sign making on most media used in eco-solvent printing. Additionally, non-coated media without an acceptance layer – such as paper and textile – can be printed as well.

World’s First White Latex Ink

White ink helps retain the natural vividness of colors when used as a base to print on transparent or colored media. Mimaki Circulation Technology is included to regularly circulate white ink to avoid pigment settling in the ink lines, keeping your production running smoothly.

Wider Color Gamut with Orange and Green

Mimaki LX101 Orange and Green ink expand the color gamut to cover 93 percent of the approximate Pantone® color chart. This expanded gamut is ideal for producing point-of-purchase displays, company logos and package prototypes that are color-critical.

Fast-drying for Immediate Secondary Processing

Mimaki latex ink is fixed and cured right after printing. Secondary processing, such as lamination, can be performed right away, increasing productivity and improving efficiency.

What you can do with the Mimaki JV400LX Series

  • Signage
  • Point-of-purchase displays
  • Banners
  • Posters
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Window clings
  • Package prototypes
  • and more…


PVC film, banner material, backlit, (blueback) paper, non-coated media (e.g. paper and textile), and most media currently used in eco-solvent machines.


Vendor : Mimaki