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Convex Motowrap 8 mil Laminate

Precio original $165.52 - Precio original $890.34
Precio original
$165.52 - $890.34
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Size: 54"x150'

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por Convex

Thick, flexible vinyl laminate preserves your media; applies easily to curves.

Thickness is the key to the CONVEX brand’s ability to resist wrinkling during application. CONVEX Laminate increases the wrinkle-resistance of a decal, and adds a durable layer of protection to your graphics. Flexible CONVEX Laminate is a vinyl laminate for helmet decals, powersport vehicles, and other objects with curved surfaces.

General Description: Clear soft flexible vinyl with a clear permanent acrylic adhesive. Used for over-laminating when conformability is neccessary. Different combinations of Convex® base materials and Convex® laminate can be used to achieve a variety of decal thicknesses and selling prices


  • Thick and pliable; fits easily to complex curves.
  • Wrinkle-resistant.
  • Shrink-resistant: will not slough off, leak adhesive, or gather grime at the edges.
  • Compatible with Gerber Edge FX, Edge II, and Edge I thermal printers; and wide-format printers.
  • Cuts smoothly using any plotter, roll-fed or flatbed.
      Physical Data

      Thickness: 8 mil
      Outdoor Life: 2 years
      Shelf Life: 2 years; storage conditions 70˚F & 50% RH
      Service Temperature Range: -40˚F to 176˚F
      Minimum Application Temp.: 50˚ F
      Adhesive Properties: laminating adhesive is acrylic, clear, and permanent. General purpose permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive works on most surfaces. Not recommended for low energy plastics

      Recommended to use a 60º BLADE on any combination of material 8 mil or thicker.