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Roland EcoUVS Ink - 220cc

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por Roland
Color: Cyan

These inks are drop shipped directly from the manufacturer, please allow extra days for delivery.

Roland Eco-UVS inks

  • New ECO-UV S Formulation! With ECO-UV, users can choose from two different formulations. Original ECO-UV delivers outstanding performance for applications calling for CMYK, white and clear coat. If using CMYK and white ink only (CMYK + White + White), users can select either original ECO-UV or ECO-UV S for added flexibility. ECO-UV S stretches up to 220 percent with no signs of peeling and cracking, making it ideal for printing on shrink sleeves and shrink wraps, wrapping PET bottles, and for vacuum forming applications.
    • Optimized for the VersaUV curing system for perfect curing at all print speeds
    • Highly flexible, enabling stretching and application to curved surfaces without cracking
    • ECO-UV S, offered in CMYK and White (LEJ-640 and LEC series only)
      • Stretches up to 220 percent
    • Superior scratch and alcohol resistance
    • Compatibility with both coated and uncoated media
    • Unique ink configuration for unmatched capability
    • High-opacity white ink for printing rich, dense colors on clear material
    • Clear coat for highlights, special effects, realistic textures and enhanced durability (ECO-UV formulation only)

      LEC-300/330/540 and LEJ-640