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Mimaki TxF150-75 - DEMO

Ahorre $495.00 Ahorre $495.00
Precio original $15,995.00
Precio original $15,995.00 - Precio original $15,995.00
Precio original $15,995.00
Precio actual $15,500.00
$15,500.00 - $15,500.00
Precio actual $15,500.00
por Mimaki

Mimaki's first DTF (Direct To Film) printer (DEMO UNIT)

TxF150-75 is a reliable, high-quality printer that incorporates Mimaki's technologies based on the concept of "safety and stability”. The DTF printer is designed with a focus on stable quality, incorporating functions to prevent "ink ejection failure" and "white ink clogging," which have been major issues for DTF printers.
  • Equipped with the newest version of Mimaki Circulation Technology (MCTv2) that prevents white ink sedimentation by constantly circulating the ink
  • Degassed aluminum ink pack prevents nozzle clogging by reducing oxygen and other gases from mixing with the ink
  • Nozzle check unit (NCU) & Nozzle Recovery System (NRS) checks for clogged nozzles and automatically performs nozzle cleaning and replacement without interrupting printing.
  • New pinch roller system for stable media feeding of DTF film
  • 3-way intelligent heater for blur-free image quality
  • Thermal transfer pigment ink PHT50 is ECO PASSPORT certified ink