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Roland Cap top - VG-640

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Roland Cap top VG-640 SKU: 6000002332- replaced by / SKU : 6000004658

  • The cap top forms the seal on the print head and connects to the pump
  • This seal controls the correct amount of ink from the cartridges into the print heads
  • This seal also protects the print heads when not in use from drying out due to air exposure
  • Test prints may have inconsistent nozzle patterns, or foam inside the cap top may appear swollen.
  • When performing a clean, the printer relies on both the wipers and the caps for proper operation.
  • Dirty or damaged wipers and caps cannot effectively clean print heads and can ultimately lead to failure of the head
  • Roland DG recommends replacement every 6 months.

Printer Compatibility: SG-300, SG-540, SG2-300, SG2-540, SG2-640, VG-540, VG-640, VG2-540, VG2-640, VG3-540, VG3-640

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