Arlon Laminate: 3270 Gloss Cast Laminate

Product Description
Roll Size

Premium Cast Overlaminate


  1. 2-Mil Premium Cast Over-laminate
  2. Available in Gloss only
  3. Extends the life of the graphic by 2 years


  1. Best Gloss level out of all the laminate offerings
  2. Engineered to work with the SLX Cast Wrap for fleet and vehicle wraps
  3. More resistant with torch heat
  4. Helps aid dimensional stability of SLX Cast Wrap
  5. Helps SLX float over the surface with very minimal contact
  6. Less stretch than competitive vinyl in extreme temperatures

Recommended Vinyl: For Optimal should only be used for SLX Wrap

Series 3270 overlaminate is a premium cast overlaminate available in a gloss finish and is designed to protect and extend the life of printed graphics. Whether your application demands installation into deep channels, rivets, compound curves or a smooth wall, Series 3270 can offer lasting performance and durability. Series 3270 extends the life of the graphics by 2 years. When used independently, Series 3270 is rated for outdoor durability up to 7 years. 

Performance and Physical Data: 

Surface Finish: Gloss
Film Life: 7 years
Roll Widths: 30", 48", 54", 60"
Roll Lengths: 50 yards
Adhesive: Permanent (Clear)
Release Liner: Clay Coated

Recommended Applications:

  • Protective Overlaminate for SLX™ Cast Wrap, DPF 6100XLP, DPF 6000XRP and DPF 6000RP White, for vehicle and fleet applications.
  • Recommended dry time for printed images is 24-48 hours prior to laminating.
  • UV inhibitors to protect and extend the life of your printed graphic.
  • Arlon overlaminate film is designed to be laminated cold without any heat.