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Mimaki Tx-Y6018P 24" DTF Powder Shaker System

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by Mimaki

All-In-One PLC Control Touch Panel

Easy operation and automatic production.

Integrated Internal Smoke Purifier

Stronger smoke purifying capability, compact design, and more environmentally friendly.

Intelligent Powder Spray System

Process greatly reduces the amount of time the powder needs to be recycled, resulting in decreased labor and increased efficiency.

Two Sided Heater

Heating system uses lamps on top and bottom to regulate temperature gradually. Bottom heater slows down ink drying by gradually increasing temperature, while top heater accelerates powder melting by gradually decreasing temperature to ensure even powder application and curing each time.

Intelligent Heater Control

Saves 30% power by automatically turning off heater when reaches desired temperature and prevents film overheating if machine pauses or stops operation