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Summa S3-T Series: S3-T75, S3-T120, S3-T140, S3-T160

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$6,990.00 - $11,990.00
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by Summa
Plotter Width: S3-T75 30"

Designed For Top Performance

The S Class 3 tangential and drag-knife cutters feature first-class engineering and advanced cutting technology. The new S Class 3 series is crafted to cater to the needs of true professionals who demand nothing short of top-notch performance, pinpoint precision, and unparalleled versatility in their work. With its advanced technology, intuitive software GoSign, durable construction, and timesaving features, they surpass even the most demanding user expectations.

Leave nothing to chance and enjoy our leading-edge contour cut excellence!

Key Features:

True Tangential Cutting Technology

The highly-engineered tangential cutting heads on the S Class 3T Series have a unique motorized knife, allowing the cutters to achieve unparalleled accuracy and precision down to the smallest details. Our True Tangential cutting technology even handles heavy sandblasts, paint masks, and reflective materials.

Smart Object Sorting and Paneling

The Smart Object Sorting feature is designed to select the most optimal starting point for cutting objects, every single time. In addition, the unique Smart Paneling function improves cutting accuracy and simplifies post-processing. When paneling is, e.g., set to 18in, all objects within this range are cut at once.

Summa GoSign Software

Our powerful in-house GoSign software allows you to manage your preferred workflow straightforwardly and with great flexibility.


S Class 3 T Series Tangential Knife Technology

The Summa S Class 3 T Series combines S Class power and precision with a state-of-the-art True Tangential cutting head. Coupled with an astonishing array of innovations and builtin capabilities, this cutter offers you the best in roll cutting.

S Class 3 TOOLS

Different tools can be inserted in the cutting head to achieve different cutting effects and accommodate various materials. Cutting, creasing, and drawing on your materials has never been this easy. Get the most out of your S Class 3 with the following tools: 

Ballpoint pen • Fibre pen • Tangential knife • Drag knife • Creasing tool

Ease of Use

Discover improved ease of use with a blue, green, and red-lighted status bar. Additionally, swiftly identify adjustable components by their blue color. This is complemented by a strategically placed tool tray at the back for efficient operation.

lLarger Media Roll

The media roll on the cutter can now handle a diameter of 7.8in and supports a roll weight of at least 45kg. This improvement is highly beneficial for print and cut applications, including laminated vinyl.