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Drytac: FloorTac Textures

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Easy to install slip-resistant floor graphics

FloorTac Textures is a 6 mil (150) printable, matte white phthalate-free polymeric PVC film with a removable, pressure sensitive gray acrylic adhesive protected by a poly coated Kraft release liner. The textured emboss on the film provides slip resistance. Available in sand or canvas textures.

Create simple & easy floor graphics

FloorTac Textures is designed for vivid floor graphics that instantly take floors from drab to fab. Its removable, non-damaging adhesive makes FloorTac Textures ideal for short-term indoor advertising where graphics are applied to the floor. It is slip-rated and fire rated, making it ideal for public environments where safety is a top priority.

Print & Go: No need to laminate

No need to laminate saves time, labor and money! FloorTac Textures carries several no lamination slip certifications. FloorTac Textures can be applied to ceramic tiles, sealed wood, concrete, waxed vinyl, marble or terrazzo flooring.

Product Support & Downloads

Recommended Application


* Up to 6 months indoor durability
dependent upon floor-traffic and correct
***The carpet installation surface must be short
pile or tightly woven, minimal texture with a
limited cushion. The carpet should be clean
and dry prior to application. Due to the huge
variance of carpet surfaces, materials and types
along with pre and post chemical treatments,
a test sample is mandatory prior to production
and installation. It is important that all printer
and ink manufacturer guidelines are followed.
The Drytac limited warranty only covers for
material defect, no returns or consequential
losses will be accepted.

Physical Data

Film Textured Matte White Polymeric PVC
Adhesive Removable Gray Acrylic (Pressure Sensitive)
Release Liner 90# Poly Coated Kraft
Film Thickness 6.0 mil
Adhesive Layer 1.4 mil


UV and Latex inks offer the greatest
durability for floor app ications. Due
to the variance of solvent inks it is
recommended scuff resistance is tested
prior to installation.

Available Sizes