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Mimaki UCJV330-130 (DEMO)

Original price $30,000.00 - Original price $30,000.00
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$30,000.00 - $30,000.00
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by Mimaki
Printer Width: 54"

Leading The Way For UV-LED Technology

The new UCJV330-160 integrated printer/cutter offers extremely versatile UV-LED roll-to-roll inkjet printing with significantly improved productivity and image quality for sign graphics applications. With production speeds of 301 sqft/hr for a four-color configuration or 194 sqft/hr with White and/or Clear inks, the UCJV330-160 enables users to provide their customers with impressive turnaround times and produce more jobs with increased efficiency. In addition, the high speeds achievable with this technology do not compromise the image quality. This is thanks to Mimaki’s newly developed patent pending ink ejection technology that reduces color irregularities in high density areas even in high-speed output mode.
  • Significantly improved image quality and productivity. Mimaki’s UV printing technology achieved high image quality even at high speeds.
  • Clear ink that expands the design potential makes it possible to produce high value-added printed deliverables. Furthermore, 2.5D print and watermark print functions have been added.
  • Support for up to 5-layer printing and it expands the range of applications and the added value of deliverables.
  • Equipped UV curable ink that does not require drying time after printing and a post-print cut function. Can be used for a wide variety of applications such as store decorations, posters, labels, stickers, pop-ups, etc.
  • “PICT” supports customers in improving the efficiency of their printing operations and production management by enabling them to visualize the operational status and performance of their printers from a PC or mobile device, even from a remote location.

Mimaki UV Flagship Model for High Image Quality, High Production, and Application Versatility

In addition to high image quality and high productivity, this flagship model is equipped with advanced UV-LED technology that only Mimaki can offer. While inheriting the conventional 2 through 5-layer printing functionality, this is Mimaki's first roll-to-roll product that supports 2.5D printing. This machine is equipped with unique features such as watermark printing, made possible only with Mimaki to meet a variety of needs. Take your sign and graphics to the next level with overwhelmingly high image quality for added value to your business

Mimaki UV High Image Quality Technology

  • Newly developed ink ejection technology delivers high image quality at high production speed
  • MWDT is used to compensate for differences in the individual print heads, also small adjustment errors to suppress banding
  • Mimaki's unique banding reduction system makes printing smoother
  • High-density, high-definition UV-LED 330 print heads
  • Smoother image quality with a minimum 4pl graininess

UV-LED printing requires no drying time for quick delivery

UV ink cures and fixes to substrates when exposed to UV light
(ultraviolet light). This allows printed substrates to be post-processed immediately
after printing, this includes laminating and cutting. In addition, UV ink does not require a specific surface type and can print on a wide variety of substrates.